It is with a heavy heart that I officially announce the end of Studio Rixp. Despite the advancements and all the projects that were born from it and the pride of RedgamesStudio from 2000 to 2010.
I turn this page definitely, because my greatest pride Groupe Rixp Inc. continues to grow and I prefer to devote myself to 110%.
I thank all my clients and collaborators who over the years have participated with me in magnificent projects whether they are web pages or video games.
Within 14 days the Facebook page as well as the web page will no longer be there.

Publication of 2020-04-29

LaSalle, 2020-04-29
Immediate release

As you noticed our logo to change this month and also changes for the month of May, Rixp Intervention has reached the end of its life as a company, we decided after several years to finally make it become a company. Rixp intervention officially becomes Groupe Rixp Inc. In the coming months until the end of 2020, invoices and quotes will still be in the name of Rixp Intervention. What becomes of Rixp intervention? It becomes a division of Groupe Rixp Inc. like SAMU911 and the others not officially announced. We group our administrations under one name, but always with their respective images for each. It will not be uncommon to see one or two banners of us on the same event site, but these will always be identified with a mention of Rixp Group Division Inc.
Sincerely, The administration of Rixp Intervention.




Publication of 2020-04-24

LaSalle, 2020-04-24
Immediate release

It is with regret that Rixp Intervention will end the partnership with Actualité911 on May 1, 2020. One of the administrators has said that they are dissatisfied with our requirements to keep their right to the SAAQ recognition sticker for the wearing of light equipment on his vehicle. Recall that the SAAQ recognition stickers is a privilege and not an acquired right, whether on a personal vehicle of a member, partner or person wishing to help us, the sticker is in the name of our organization, it is normal that we apply rules of use and compliance for good collaboration with the SAAQ and the police forces. Remember that improper use does not only affect the driver's driving record, but also the image and name of the organization linked to the sticker.
By this fact, We have revoked the recognition sticker of the administrator in question at his request and transmitted the order of revocation to SAAQ, moreover all his rights of access to our systems have been revoked as of today hui.
Then, we wish to call on the other administrators of Actualité911, in the event that you wish to keep our partnership and your display link, please contact us, in the event of no contact by April 30, 2020 we will remove your logo on our banners and on our web page.
Finally, some may find this severe as an approach and a conclusion, but our organization has cashed enough in the tarnishing and soiling of the time spent by competitors, former partners, former employees. It is normal for us to protect our name and our image, a name is hard to make up, but it is quickly easy to destroy it. Regards,
The administration of Rixp Intervention.

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